Redmond John's



Redmond John Bruen.


Ballroom owner, wine and spirit handler died on the 28/04/1949 aged 77 in Elsinore, Rossespoint, County Sligo.

Leaving a wife and daughter - Gabrile (Gabby).


Redmond John Bruen made legal history defining the rights of`bona fide´ for traveller´

He was fifty years at sea.


Gabby later married Ausite Gillen, hense the nickname 'Austies'.


The Elsiinore Pub was also known as The Elsinore Ballroom and Redmon John's due to the dances held there at the weekend.


`Many a time I missed the last Bus home after enjoing the evening in the Elsinore Ballroom and had to walk all the way home to Sligo town in the early hours of the morning, cold tired,

then face the other music at home!`


1993 Quote from Michale (Mike)ConwayR.I.P.