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Latitude:53°42´ Longitude:- 6°13´

The Sporty Seaside Village at Dublin city edge, east coast of Ireland

Portmarnock synonymous with golf, pioneering aviators, seaside holidays, Martello tower, world famous disco - Tamango, Jameson Whiskey, radio wave inventor- Marconi and last but not least St. Marnock.

10km away from Dublin International Airport, 15km outside Dublin City, between the villages of Malahide and Baldoyle, and world famous fishing village of Howth.

Portmarnock has it all.

If you haven’t spent a day on The Velvet Strand Beach guarded by the Islands’ Lambay and Ireland’s Eye, played a round of golf on The Links, enjoyed a cocktail or two in  The Portmarnock Hotel, strolled up the beach and bought an ice-cream and  souvenir rock from the kiosk, you haven’t lived!

Portmarnock is the scenic jewel of Dublin's North Coast

The village of Portmarnock is without a port yet! However, does have a station, that in the1850's at a leisurely 40.m.p.h. brought thousands to the beach, connecting station and strand by horse drawn carriage.

These days the old pleasure train has become the ´sardine-line´ to ´Banklin! ´

The name Portmarnock originated from Irish meaning port and St.Marnock who arrived there in the fifth century. Marnock a missionary of St.Patrick,also associated with Kilmarnock in Scotland, converted the local Celts from worshiping Water, Trees and Wells, to Christianity. (Tendencies that are still prevalent today if you observe the inhabitants fancy gardens!)

Being politically correct Marnock blessed the Druid Well and it became the Holy Well. The ruins of Marnock's church are still to be seen in the graveyard - off the Strand Road.Portmarnock had been settled thousands of years before, in Neolithic times.A number of remains of activity in the area from these times is still evident today, with flints and other tools having been excavated at the north fringe of Portmarnock,while the remains of a ring fort are visible from the air at the south of the town.

The son of Queen Maedhbh of Connaught - Maine - is buried locally.

Theses days Portmarnock is better known for its famous golf club and the Portmarnock Hotel and Golf + Links

 St. Marnock Photos



Beach Islands

On Portmarnock beach you can see two islands, one - Ireland's Eye, the other Lambay Island.

Lambay or "Barings Island"

Lambay Island is well known as the Barings-Bank Island due to its continued ownership of the Barings Family.

Two and a half kilometres square it is also an important bird sanctuary and one of the largest Islands off the east coast.

Ireland's Eye a natural bird sanctuary can be reached by the local boat service.

The rock protruding at the North of the 53 acre island is known as "The Stack".



Final leg of his East-West circumnavigation of the globe

On the 24th of June 1930 from the Velvet Strand of Portmarnock - Australian, Kingsford Smith flew to Newfoundland, and on to New York,

Arriving with his four man crew including Irish Navigator Captain Paddy Saul to a massive welcome in City Hall on Independence Day.

A sculpture remembering the historic flight is to be seen on Portmarnock Beachfront, it is in the shape of the globe with all the continents on it and the historic flight path marked.





Is dedicated to Charles Kingsford Smith’s completion of the circumnavigation of the globe in 1930 from Portmarnock beach to NewYork, in the aeroplane: The Southern Cross.

There were thousands of people in Portmarnock to witness the take-of at 4am on June 24, 1930 of renowned Australian aviator, Charles Kingsford-Smith, who piloted his plane from Portmarnock beach to New York on the final leg of his East-West circumnavigation of the globe

The monument was designed by Remco de Fouw and Rachael Joynt ,  Two and a half metre high with a circumference from 2 metres, weighing eight tons built from limestone.  The bronze needle points directly to the North Star.

Commemorates the first circumnavigation of the globe by aeroplane in 1930
The Kingsford Smith Memorial Park

BRISBANE - Kingsford Smith Memorial Brisbane





18th August 1932

Jim Mollison completed the first solo east to west flight of the North Atlantic, flying a de Havilland DH80A Puss Moth

(G-ABXY) Mollison flew from Portmarnock to Pennfield Ridge in New Brunswick in 31 hours 20 minutes.

First East to West of North Atlantic/The Hearts Content


GAA, Golf,Swimming, Sub Aqua,Tennis, Sailing, Sports Centre, Beach Sports, Fishing,.

The PSLC Sports Hall includes facilities for:

Five a Side Football



Judo/Karate/Self Defence

In 1927 the first Irish Open golf Championship was held in Portmarnock. For more information go to: www.portmarnockgolfclub.ie


The Local  Wells


The House of Jameson, was built in 1847, reconstructed in 1895, and sold toThe Irish Tourist Board. In 1945 it opened as an Hotel. The Country Club managment was taken over by John Galvin in 1949.

Portmarnock Hotel & Golf Links



So on a cold winter's night, when you are sitting beside your fireside and sipping a glass of Jamenson - close your eyes and imagine - Portmarnock Waves!



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